5 Clever Tricks To Save Extra Baggage Fees On Your Next Flight

5 Clever Tricks To Save Extra Baggage Fees On Your Next Flight

The easiest way to save money on your vacation is to book inexpensive airline tickets. The less money you pay on your airline, the more money you save on your holiday. However, this is better said than achieved with extra costs and comfort charges. It’s becoming a challenge today to ride the economy without incurring excess baggage charges. But these hacks will help you circumvent these extra costs and help you save extra baggage fees on Flights. 

Air travel can be a convenient and efficient way to travel, but it can also be expensive. One of the biggest expenses associated with air travel is baggage fees. These fees can add up quickly and can be a significant cost for any traveler. However, there are a few clever tricks that you can use to save extra baggage fees on your next flight. 

Pack light

The best way to save on baggage fees is to pack light. Many airlines now charge for each bag that you check, so the fewer bags you have, the less you’ll pay. Try to pack everything you need into a single carry-on bag, and you’ll save a lot of money.

Fly Small And Pack Things In Carry-On Luggage

Baggage Fees

The most brilliant way to stop paying for checked luggage is to pack it all in a carry-on bag. Though, make sure that you check the terms and conditions of the airline’s carry-on baggage and pack it strategically. Roll your clothes and keep them in your carry-on bag. Although strategically packing can be very difficult, but it’s not impossible. A smart option is to use a purse instead of a carrying bag.

Wear Extra Layers of Clothing

Baggage Fees

We don’t have to remind you this, but if you can’t put any more clothes in your bag, carry them. If the airline advises you that your luggage is overweight and seeks to charge you extra baggage fare, wear as many layers as possible. Strip them off as soon as you get on board and pack them in your hand luggage. Do you wear a sweater or leather jacket for your holiday? Only wear them on the flight, and you’re never going to have to pay extra. Stuffing your pockets also tends to reduce the weight of your bag significantly. 

Weigh Your Bags Before You Leave The Airport

Baggage Fees

Know that the carrier can only bypass the baggage charge if the baggage is below those weight caps. Most domestic airlines set a maximum of 30kg for luggage and charge extra for baggage that reaches that limit. It would also be safe to ensure that your luggage does not reach the weight limit before you depart for the airport. 

Take advantage of loyalty programs

Many airlines offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn points or miles for each flight you take. These points can be used to upgrade your seat or to waive baggage fees. If you’re a frequent flyer, taking advantage of these programs can save you a lot of money on baggage fees. 

Use a luggage consolidator

A luggage consolidator is a service that allows you to send your bags directly to your destination. This can save you money on baggage fees, as well as the hassle of having to check your bags at the airport. Plus, it ensures that your bags will arrive at your destination on time. 

Check-in Early

Baggage Fees

Airlines were usually more lent to early check-in than too late check-in counters. So if you’re coming with some extra weight, you might get some concession. There’s a specific number of how much more they can pinch without penalty. If you arrive early, you will likely be far within the limit and miss any additional costs. 

Consider shipping your bags

Another option for saving money on baggage fees is to ship your bags to your destination. This can be more cost-effective than paying for baggage fees, and it also frees up space in your carry-on bag. However, be aware of the shipping cost and the time frame in which your bags will arrive.

Split up your bags

If you’re traveling with a group of people, you can save money by splitting your bags among your group. Each person can check a bag, and you’ll save money on baggage fees. This is especially useful for families traveling with children. 

Check The Baggage Policy For The Airline

Check Baggage Policy

The baggage policy varies from airline to airline. Although some airlines are allowing two sets of hand baggage, others are allowing one. Few lenient airlines often waive minor differences in hand luggage. Therefore, please review your allocation with the airline and aim to schedule accordingly. This way, you can pack more of your hand luggage and get away with the extra baggage charge. 

Be aware of baggage fees

Finally, be aware of baggage fees when booking your flight. Some airlines offer lower fares, but they also charge more for baggage fees. Be sure to check the baggage fees when booking your flight, so you can choose the airline that offers the best deal for you. 

Tell Us What You Do To Save

So these are some basic travel tips and tricks to save some extra money on your trip. Tell us what are your ways with which you save money. I am sure if this can reduce some stress and enhance your experiences in your travel bucket. 

Tell us where are you traveling these days. If yes, tell us in the comments which is the most interesting place you would love your visit first. Share your stories with us and we will tell them to the world for you. 

This is all for today. We will get back to you with more solid travel tips, travel gadgets or must have travel accessories, to save your time and effort and make your travel experience even better. 

Till then, Be Safe, Stay Healthy, Don’t Stop, Keep Traveling.

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