10 Amazing Travel Accessories for Desert Safari

10 Amazing Travel Accessories for Desert Safari

If traveling to a Desert is your choice, then let us be your voice. There are so many stunning deserts that never fail to stun any traveler. From Australian Outback to the Sahara Desert, you have plenty of choices if you want to plan a trip hundreds of miles away from your place. Surfing on the sand, witnessing mirage effect, cactus plants, etc. are among those things that make these destinations quite fun.

Below are few Things to do on Desert Safari

  • Experiencing the sunset
  • Experiencing the sunrise
  • Stargazing at night
  • Quad bike adventure
  • Camel trekking
  • Bonfire & Berber music
  • Visiting a nomad family
  • Sandboarding
  • Relaxing while enjoying the quiet vibes

It doesn’t matter which Desert you have selected for the trip. If you do not have all the required accessories in your backpack, then you won’t be able to enjoy the scorching heat and cold breeze of these Deserts. The dunes and cactus plants are among those things that will not fail to surprise you. Not to forget, Deserts can be as deadly as hell. Hidden snakes, deadly insects, sand storms, etc., can turn your trip into a nightmare that you cannot avoid.

Safety Tips for desert safari below will help ensure a safe and unforgettable ride:

  • Drink water – It is advised to drink at least one gallon per person per day. Bring the energy bars and hold them in emergency supply at all times.
  • Dress Appropriately because of temperature extremes – high heat during the day and cold at night – be mindful of the possibility of heatstroke and hypothermia. Cover yourself from exposure with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Take an extra jacket with you if you’re out in the dark where temperatures will fall.
  • Get a GPS or a compass with you. If you are stranded, particularly on the top of a dune, carry a mirror that can reflect light from the sun and be used to flash a possible rescuer.
  • Do not walk in the sun. Please aim to walk before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. If you’re walking or hiking, keep a slow and steady pace, take frequent breaks.
  • Be mindful that distances are misleading. What might look like 5 miles might actually be 20 miles in the desert.
  • Watch where you are stepping – To stop getting bitten by venomous snakes and spiders, be sure to watch where you’re walking, where you’re laying your hands, and where you’re sitting, and avoid going over the rocks.

Even if you are carrying too many things, that would also stop you from enjoying yourself to your fullest. Hence, it becomes really important to carry travel accessories that are useful and guarantee a smooth, relaxing, and fun trip. These accessories will not just ensure a relaxing trip, but will also protect you from things that might create serious problems for anyone. From goggles to tarps, many things are required in a Desert Safari.

Perfect Travel Accessories For Desert Safari

We have compiled a comprehensive list of accessories that must be there in your backpack while you are heading for Deserts. Check them out!

You will feel so exhausted in the heat during the desert trips and will need a shower to freshen up. For bathing or washing your face, a portable solar shower can be useful.

With a high capacity of 5 gallons of water, this camp shower bag is a smart addition to your camping/hiking/safari gear. For easy access, the convenient on/off valve is linked to the showerhead and enables you to monitor how much or how little water you need.

Portable Solar Shower

The Green PVC absorbs sunlight and then heats the water, which is particularly appropriate for outdoor activities. A hard plastic tube will strengthen the handle of the bag. When you camp or hike, it can be hung on the car or tree branches to take a bath.

It is equally necessary to keep yourself hydrated while enjoying your ride. The Hydration Pack enables huge bottles filled with water to be stored. As a backpack, hydration packs can be used and if you need water, sip it without stopping using the straw.

Only throw an ice pack in the same compartment as the bladder in the summer and it keeps the water nice and cool during the day. If you want to be hydrated when snowboarding in the winter, throw a heat pack into the bladder to ensure that the water does not freeze.

It carries enough water for a substantial 2+ hour trip with 3 liters of hydration capacity and the external fill ensures you can top off the reservoir without unpacking anything. Its front pocket with a zipper leaves enough space for a phone, card, and keys. Universal helmet hooks make head protection easy to bear while you’re not riding.

The latest version of the Lobo features another full-length pocket for your bike pump and a magnetic tube trap that stows your drinking tube in one easy click.

Your phones can run out of charge during the trip. Solar chargers use the strong sunlight available in the desert to charge your phones. .

Grab this 24000mAh Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Ports Waterproof Portable External Battery Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, and More.

It has three big panels and has a huge capacity to charge an iPhone almost ten times. There’s also a little flashlight built-in which makes it even more useful. An essential item for backup and safety.

If you are planning to do camping in a desert, along with your friends, then this would be essential. Camping gears can help you set up a small home in the vast desert.

It also helps you protect yourself from the outside environment and have a sound sleep. Ideal camping in a desert, this Coleman four-person tent (measures 9 by 7 feet with a 59-inch center height for room to move around) makes a great choice for first-time and seasoned campers alike.

Apart from camping gear, a tarp can also be used to protect yourself. Furthermore, the tarp can provide you good shade under the scorching sun. Most of the tarps are waterproof.

The material is also quite strong enough to withstand heat and rain. Consider using tarps that can be set up anywhere and can be used as a mat as well.

The very first thing you need to take care of while starting on the trip is to carry large quantities of water. Keep yourself hydrated the whole day. Water jugs allow you to carry a large amount of water. Since it is difficult to refill water frequently in the desert, large jugs can help you.

This Multi-Function Water Dispenser is the perfect collapsible beverage/water dispenser with tap is perfect for your days out either in the garden, camping, picnics, or long car journeys. The foldable container is easy to store anywhere, and the folding dispenser can be folded into a small size to save you space and compact storage space.

Insects can create a large mess during your outdoor stay. Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting or heeding the call of the wild, you need an insect repellent that’s going to go the extra mile. Repel Insect Repellents offer dependable coverage that last as long as you need it to. DEET-free Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent provides protection for a range of activities, from your backyard to your travel destinations. Find a bug spray that fits your needs and enjoy protection that lasts for hours.

Repel mosquitoes that may transmit the Zika, West Nile, Dengue, and Chikungunya viruses without the DEET.

Shemagh is a large cotton scarf, often used to shield your face, neck, and head from sun, dust, and sandstorms. Traditionally, the tactical desert Shemagh scarf is made of cotton and is mostly hand-woven. It is indeed a must-have in your packing list when you’re up for dessert safari, it will certainly up your fashion statement.

Hats can act as a small shade. They cover your head from direct sunlight. Apart from this, they also protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays. Use hats that can block 98% of UV radiation. Hats with added neck capes also give extra coverage to your necks.

Our Recommendation is EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women. This hat from EINSKEY does double-duty, protecting you from the sun with its wide brim and water repellent fabric allows you to wear in drizzling rain. Its sweat-wicking band and mesh vents will keep your head nice and cool throughout the day, as well.

There are chances that you may get wounds or injuries while you are on the trip. For the time being, it is better that you take the emergency care for yourselves, before getting late medical assistance.

Carry first aid kit and essential antibiotics. The first aid kit should contain bandages, cotton, antiseptics, etc. Antibiotics can help prevent the wound from causing severe complications.

Our recommendation is First Aid Kit from Be Smart Be Prepared stores will help you deal with any injury like a pro, that too without the need to panic.

These were some of the accessories that we advise you to carry along while travelling to Desert Safari’s. Carrying these accessories would give you a sense of comfort and would let you enjoy and adore the stunning scenery created by Mother Nature.

Let us know if we have missed anything.

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