14 Mistakes to Avoid While Check-In And Check-Out From Hotel

14 Mistakes to Avoid While Check-In And Check-Out From Hotel

Travel logistics can, in general, be a significant source of stress while on holiday. It’s when we rush across airports, out of hotel rooms, or off to a dinner reservation that things get overlooked or lost. 

The most straightforward antidote that is a challenge when you’re in transit is to slow down. Taking the extra few minutes (which you usually don’t want to spare) will help you keep everything organized on the road. 

There are a few definitive dos and don’t follow that will make your trip even more enjoyable when it comes to staying in a hotel. While planning a trip, many of us are very special about choosing hotels and homestays and are often willing to pay considerable sums to make our stays enjoyable and comfy. But often, despite the selection of the best properties, we don’t have the experience as expected. 

For most guests, checking out the hotel can only take a quick look at the folio room—whether at the front desk or on the hotel’s TV room—before going to the airport taxi. Other guests may not do that much, choosing instead to pack their bags, slink unnoticed, and deal with the final charges when they get home. 

There is no reason to check out the hotel room, finish packing, search your travel documents, and call Uber all at the same time. Concentrate on one thing at a time and give yourself space to breathe rather than over-plan and ultimately avoid some of the classic traveller mistakes. 

These rules are untold, but we must be all aware of them. Here are Top 14 mistakes to avoid the next time you check-in from a hotel. 

This checklist of the biggest mistakes in the hotel is sure to make you realize that you’re also practicing them. 

1. Not Requesting an Early Check-in or Late Checkout

Hotel Check Time

Many times before our check-in time, our flight or bus, or train arrives at the holiday destination. Most hotels have a standard check-in time of 2 p.m. On the other hand, the standard checkout time is 12 p.m. Many hotels have the option of Flexi check-in, which could be free of charge or with certain nominal charges. 

At the time of booking, hotel staff can’t promise the same thing, but they will make a note of your request in the system. Most competent and luxury hotel properties will try to accommodate your request. Whether you win one hour or four, you win. You can call the hotel reception team one or two days before your arrival date to follow up on your requests. Ask politely if they can give you a favor by extending the hours of your stay. 

Besides When we get to a particular hotel and are told to wait hours in the lounge area with luggage, don’t we feel irritated? It’s the same if we delay leaving the room when the next guests are waiting. So, as mentioned earlier, we should always tell the hotel in advance if we need extra time before checking out. 

Also, keep in mind that hotels give priority to their guests who are members of their loyalty program. Be part of the program of hotel rewards. Don’t miss out on the benefits. Hotels giveaway freebies and complimentaries to their loyal guests. 

2. Not Clarifying the Hotel Fees

Please ask the hotel staff if it is free of charge before you pick up and eat any food you see in your room. Some resorts offer guest rooms free of charge. Ask if products or services are paid or unpaid when checking in. Guests are in love with their freebies.   However, hotels like additional guest charges.  Be careful, then, to know the hidden charges. 

Some of the hotel facilities and amenities are  backed up by terms and conditions. Hotels provide access to the guest lounge only for the guests who stay in suite rooms. You can pay a large amount when check-out if you make a mistake by entering this guest lounge. Therefore, please be aware of the hotel fees.

3. Not Asking About FREE Upgrade

Are you entitled to upgrade your room free of charge? You’re never going to know until you ask the front desk. There are some instances in which hotels give their guests free upgrades. You have a greater chance to be upgraded for free if you are a member of their loyalty program. Collect a point by submitting your membership reward card whenever you shop, dine or stay in the hotel. 

It’s not too late to upgrade and avoid the biggest mistakes in the hotel. Grab your phone, ask for a loyalty program, and get a chance to enjoy freebies and benefits like a FREE room upgrade. 

4. Not Asking for a Better Room

It’s always advisable to get details about every nook and cranny of a hotel room before you book it so that you won’t regret it later. It’s not enough to see the pictures and read the descriptions. You need to call the customer’s website or, more preferably, the hotel to know the exact location, size of the room, mountain or sea-facing, amenities included in the room rate, amenities with extra charge, etc. 

It’s a good thing to note all the requirements before calling the customer’s attention. Also, during check-in, ensure that all the required criteria are met by the rooms provided to you. Otherwise, ask for a change immediately 

It’s also You’ve got the right to choose your room. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better room. Please mention your room preferences and ask if they can be granted. If you prefer to have a silent room, speak up and be heard. By mentioning your desired room, avoid the biggest mistakes in the hotel. 

You may be a smoker, but you forgot to tell the hotel staff about a smoking room, or you are a light sleeper, and you need a room with less disturbance or a specific need for a pillow due to pain in the neck. So, communicate your needs to the hotel staff for your comfort. 

We don’t want to be a pain in the hotel ass. We can’t afford to complain about not asking what we want. Be humble and ask for the right room for you.

5.   Not Mentioning the Occasion

Hotel Check Time

Do you want to celebrate your birthday, your anniversary or any other special occasion in the hotel? Then, tell them that! Yes, it’s your anniversary, and you’d like to celebrate it at the hotel. If you have not mentioned what you celebrate at the hotel during your reservation, it is not too late. 

Please tell the front office agent that you are celebrating a special occasion with them. Not to mention the occasion is definitely one of the biggest mistakes in the hotel when you check-in. Some hotels are very friendly enough to give complimentaries and goodies to their guests who are celebrating something. You can either receive a complimentary dinner or a gift voucher or a cake with flowers.

6. Not Listening to the Front Office Agent

This is one of the major errors to avoid when you check in at the hotel. Yes, many of us no longer listen; we’re no longer paying attention to everything because of the enthusiasm of seeing the room. Remember that when you check-in, all the information you need to know during your stay at the hotel is explained at the front desk. 

Respect, at least, the agent who speaks to you. Some guests are avoiding listening and focusing only on their businesses. The hotel staff will provide you with the Wi-Fi code (the number of gadgets you can connect to with Wi-Fi may be limited), the freebies you can use, or what is charged if the gym is free or you have to pay a nominal amount. 

Therefore, your own mental comfort needs to pay attention to the hotel staff upon arrival. During the check-in process, the person sitting on the reception routinely explains the hotel details such as the Internet, the water system, car availability, etc. Respect the individual and listen to the information conveyed. Your stay at the hotel will be much easier. 

7. Not giving the contact details during check-in

It is imperative to give your contact or e-mail details during the check-up. Perhaps the reason is that you left something important in the hotel at the time of checkout. In this case, the hotel staff may not be able to contact you. 

Some people do not provide all contact details, such as e-mail addresses and alternative phone numbers, during check-in. But in fact, these are important. 

8. Check the room properly before your stay

Check the room properly before you settle in the room. Check for any foul smell, or if the flush works appropriately, or if the balcony has a view, etc. Sometimes the picture as shown when you book online is different from what you’re given. As a result, ask for a change immediately. Otherwise, after you settle for a while, you’ll have to re-shift to the other room again. 

9. Grab some souvenirs

Grab some souvenirs

Grab some souvenirs to remember your stay at the hotel. You might get some of the freebies included, such as small toilet bottles, slippers, etc. 

And no, this isn’t an cheap move, or even a robbery: housekeeping will take the bottles away as soon as you leave, so that when you run outside the body wash, you might also be able to save them. 

Keep in mind that the housekeepers will have to inspect your room before they leave. Behave and be a responsible guest. 

10. Not Reviewing the Bills Before Checking Out

A day before you check out, make sure you see and update your hotel bills. Why?  See and check if all transactions are recorded correctly. 

If you have purchased something during your stay—Wi-Fi, in-room movies, minibar snacks, or room service—make sure that these charges are correct when you check out. Hotels make “mistakes” all the time, and it’s common to find that they’ve charged you twice for something you’ve bought—”accidentally,” of course. 

Besides, you have time to clarify your bill only if there are errors. Please leave extra time to check your invoice with the front desk before checking out. 

Besides, checking your bill early will help you determine how much money you need to prepare. 

It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll be relieved of any problems later. Check the bill properly for any unnecessary amounts or taxes. Don’t be in a hurry to check out the hotel. Some hotels take advantage of the naivety of the customers and charge extra taxes. 

If you leave the hotel early in the morning, check the charges the night before. It may be a pain on your last night, but it’s far more annoying to solve your credit card company’s errors after checkout. 

11. Forgetting to Do a Final Sweep of Your Room

Before you leave the room, remain calm and check all the things you have. Whether 5 a.m. or 5 minutes after check-out time, make sure you make your hotel room look for your belongings for the last time. 

Check out every place in the room, the washrooms, the almirahs, under the table, the bed, the sofa, and more before you finally get out of your room. Stop before you leave your hotel room and whisper, “Wall, phone, keys?” to yourself as a mental reminder. 

It’s also as per the hotel’s standard operating procedure; the housekeepers check your room before leaving the hotel. Call your reception at least 5 minutes before leaving your room to check your room to avoid delays. 

This is your final moment at the hotel. Enjoy the last hours. Manage your time very well and avoid rushing. 

12.  Not Consulting Others Before Paying Extra Charges

This happens most of the time when you hire individual properties like a villa. For example, the owner of the property might say that there is an extra charge for cooking in a common ground near the property, but you might know it’s free to ask the locals. You might be told that only hotel-owned cars are used in the area for sightseeing purposes. 

Consulting others, you might end up with cheaper alternatives. Many hotels usually try to collect these extra amounts at the time of check-in. So, you need to be informed before you pay the amounts. 

13. Not Leaving a Tip for the Hotel Staff Before Checkout

Instinctively, we tip servers, bartenders, hairstylists, and cab drivers. Leaving the hotel’s housekeeping staff free of charge should also be secondary. 

They’re the one who cleans your room with the toilet every day. The mess you’ve created, it’s going to make it tidy. Take care of your particular needs so that we can sleep comfortably. 

If you forgot to tip housekeeping daily during your stay, the best thing to do is leave a tip in the room before checking out. The general rule of thumb is a few dollars a day. You should leave a tip open, like the nightstand and the note, so that the housekeeper doesn’t confuse it with the cash you just left out (which you should never do, by the way). 

14. Let the hotel know of any problems.

Do you have any issues with the hotel? Haven’t you been happy? If something bothers you about your hotel stay, whether it’s a noisy refrigerator, a leaky faucet, or a shower, delayed services make sure the hotel knows about it. 

Before posting your comments on social media, please let the hotel staff know. The hotel may compensate you with a complimentary stay or dinner coupon. 

Some of us do complain well. But we do believe It’s unnecessary to discuss how you feel about the hotel in social media posts. Hotels are highly concerned about guest reviews online, so they will do their best to satisfy you during your stay. Also, just let the hotel know if the work is good, too. 

Final Words

So Stay calm and think about keeping away from the biggest mistakes of the hotel during check-in and check-out. This list of things to avoid errors when checking in and out should be remembered at all times. Know your rights at the hotel. 

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