The Best 13 Lessons of My Life I’ve Learned While Traveling 

The Best 13 Lessons of My Life I’ve Learned While Traveling

Travel entails more than simply taking a ride elsewhere. Suppose I’m traveling for business or leisure. In that case, I believe that journey is about utilizing our senses to explore a different environment and community, meeting new people, and learning from our experiences. 

OK, maybe I’ve never really been across the globe. To be honest, I like traveling but haven’t done much of it. However, traveling provides you with a plethora of learning experiences. And that is what travel is to be – a process of exploration. Since I was receptive to learning, I discovered a tremendous amount about life and myself through my travel experiences. 

So, without further ado, here are 13 lessons of my life that I’ve learned through travel… 

1. Be Thankful for Everything

I’ve never been the one to take anything for granted. If it’s my relatives, colleagues, fitness, or other opportunities that present themselves. I want to make the best of every minute of every day (and try not to whine too much, but sometimes I fail!). 

I endeavor not to take for granted the fact that I was born in a nation with opportunities. That kind of service is not available to all, and I am thankful for it. Travel, more than everything else, helps me enjoy my rights. As a liberal Indian woman, I am fortunate to have the right to fly, which many other women across the world do not have (or they may do but pose a heck of many more challenges).  

When you return from a journey abroad, you are much more appreciative of your house, your comfort zone, and your closest friends and family.

Lessons Learned While Travelling

 Likewise, if you’ve just returned from a year abroad or a weekend out, you’ll feel revitalized when you get home. Your comfortable bed is a luxury, and home-cooked food looks a thousand times stronger than it did before.

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2. Don’t Wait Around

If traveling has taught me something, it’s that objects don’t always fall into your lap. You would like it and then go for it. You must take control of your own fate… Starting a travel blog was the most fantastic idea I’ve ever made. My world has been fully transformed as a result of it. 

I get the feeling that certain people only drift around life, waiting for anything to happen to them. Nobody will give you a $10,000 check to encourage you to fly because you come from a wealthy family; the odds are you won’t win the lottery. If you still wait for people to accompany you or wait until you’re in your late twenties and have a stable career with a respectable salary, it’ll actually never happen. That’s the thing with having to travel: if anything isn’t a goal, it will still fall by the wayside. 

3. It’s OK to get lost and deviate from a schedule.

It’s OK to get confused and not adhere to a schedule while exploring a new place. Any of my favorite locations I’ve discovered on my travels have been by chance. Nothing beats getting lost in Rome, where every street corner has new breathtaking artwork, a charming cafe, or an independent bookstore. There is much to explore and do that isn’t covered in guidebooks. 

I believe there is a lot of demand today to see all of the “must-see” sites to fit it in, but this can be overwhelming and inefficient at times. Just because everyone thinks you have to go anywhere doesn’t imply you have to if it’s not something you’re interested in! When you’re checking items off your schedule, you might fail to live in the moment and appreciate your vacation. Instead of the major attractions, mostly it’s about the small stuff and sharing time with the ones you’re with. 

I want to invest some time getting to know a place, even though it means spending an extra night or just visiting one city instead of two. People get wrapped up in counting nations… they can spend one night somewhere only to cross it off their list, nor have they seen it? 

Furthermore, travel can be exhausting, mainly because there are long distances to travel and several nights spent on buses and trains. So you’re unlikely to be rejuvenated after you get home. For anything, you’ll be more drained. 

4. It is never too late to make a change.

Travel is mostly about adapting to new situations. It is a reflective mechanism that forces you to consider your life. Being away from home helps you to reflect on your life objectively and decide what you would want to do better as you get home. 

You may remain anonymous in a new city. But, instead, you should change your identity and forget about all that is going on at home. And guess what? When you get home, you might even stick to your ‘fresh you.’ 

Lessons Learned While Travelling

5. Not everything is in your control

Things go wrong when traveling. And, much of the way, you have no influence over it. I’ve had horrific food poisoning twice while traveling and have had other flights/trains/buses delayed. You will be unable to go on a day trip you had planned because of inclement weather. When it comes to traveling, patience is a virtue. Things can eventually go wrong, and you must learn that it is acceptable to delay and experience slow time. 

When these occurrences occur, I still advise myself to “look on the positive side.” It all contributes to character development because if anything went well all the time, the adventure would cease to occur. Plus, you’ll love it even more when things go well.

6. Have an open mind at all times.

To become genuinely open-minded, you must put yourself in positions that render you uneasy. Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are likely to occur while traveling. Our world is notoriously closed-minded, and it is only when you escape the cozy little comfort zone that you begin to expand your eyes and accept other people’s perspectives on life. 

Keeping an open mind when traveling would almost certainly help you have a happier experience. You can devour different sights and foods, as well as encounter people you might never have seen otherwise. What really is the point of traveling if you are not open to new experiences? You won’t get the same feeling of pride, because well, you can’t knock it before you try it.

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7. Basically, everybody everywhere desires the same thing.

Everything on the planet is radically different from one another. We all live our own lives, have our careers, thoughts, and families. We seldom communicate with individuals from other backgrounds or with people outside of our social networks. But the more you talk to people from all over the globe, the more you realize how much we have in common. We all want the same things: affection, comfort, validation, and satisfaction. 

Although we all view moving for these goals in various ways, and certain people want different things more than others, we all share the same simple aspirations. Travel tells you that you will connect to most people on the planet once you step beyond the superficial differences that divide you. 

8. Experiences are Valued rather than Materialism

Although I’ve always had this outlook on existence, travel has shown me that you don’t need many belongings until they are specifically connected to how you function or live. Believe it or not, you can live on so little and be perfectly happy. 

Unfortunately, a huge percentage of the world’s population does… Traveling forces you to pack so small that you’ll be surprised by how much you possess before you get home. Exposure to other countries where people include much fewer can help you see how much needless crap you have in your home. 

9. You are never really alone

You can make friends everywhere, whether you are at home or abroad. Be the first to crack a grin. Then, instead of shying away, attempt to start up a conversation with someone in your hostel space. Ask them questions regarding their lives; people like talking about themselves, so this works well. 

It may be frightening to put yourself out there and speak to strangers, but we are all strangers in a foreign country. Most people are just like you – they are lonely and would love to talk to somebody. I believe that when people (including myself) travel with friends or families, they sometimes restrict themselves and overlook all of the chances to encounter fresh, like-minded people. 

If you’re traveling alone, you’ll appear more approachable, and you’ll be more inclined to person others as well. Some people will find it more challenging to make friends than others, but I guarantee you can still find someone that shares your interests. Unless your only hobby is excessive ironing (yes, it’s a thing) … You’re going to have less success on this one. 

10. Sing and dance whenever and wherever possible.

Dancing and singing are excellent means of release and speech. Dance along while you’re standing in a square in Rome and a guy is busking on the side of the street playing an excellent melody. Don’t be afraid to sing either (even if you are tone-deaf). It’ll help them feel more vital, lift all of the hearts because it’s difficult not to feel optimistic about either! 

Also, quit overthinking what other people think about you. Most likely, they haven’t seen you and are going on their day. 

11. Travel does not fix all problems.

Similar to the adage “money doesn’t buy pleasure,” “travel doesn’t fix all.” Let’s face it: life isn’t just rainbows and butterflies. If you are down, flying will not make you feel better. It may be very beneficial, but it would not magically solve any of your issues or make you happy. A change of venue causes us to forget about our troubles temporarily, but they return like a boomerang and strike us even harder. 

12. Yet, at the end of the day, travel makes me happier than anything else because it has

  • broadened my outlook 
  • helped me loosen up 
  • boosted my morale 
  • given me purpose 
  • made me less self-centered 
  • given me diversity 
  • sparked my creativity 
  • made me more grateful 

13. Few more Interesting Lessons

  • Curiosity is important for happiness. 
  • Life is short; being fulfilled and comfortable is more critical than being wealthy and robust. 
  • Don’t listen to people who tell you how to live your life; instead, live your life in your unique way. 
  • The most memorable times occur when you least foresee them. 
  • When you travel, you will make friends for life.

I’d love to hear what traveling has taught you, so tell me in the comments below! 

Also, share your travel stories with me, I love travel stories to enhance my experience, especially in these pandemic times. Our Community members would love to read about you as well. You can write to us about your travel experiences and we will share them with our travel lovers. 

I will see you soon with another interesting story and learnings, till then, Good Luck. Lots of Love. 


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