Tips to Experience Glamping By Transforming Your Campsite

Tips to Experience Glamping By Transforming Your Campsite

It’s no wonder that more of us are looking to the great outdoors for travel and adventure—perhaps more so now than ever before. And although getting intimate and personal to Mother Nature will indeed offer us more than our share of incredible scenery and encounters, a traditional tent stay doesn’t appeal to everybody. 

Then why don’t you try making camping… into glamping? With a few pretty low-cost tweaks, you will feel a lot more relaxed sleeping under the stars! Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to get your outdoor accommodation to the next stage and to increase your overall pleasure – particularly if you don’t have a rough-it hand on yourself. 

Plan For Plenty of Space

Camping Essentials

Your tent is the first thing you’ll want to remember. We had a new tent recently and enjoyed plenty of headroom, plus plenty of space for our equipment. We’re car campers — and we’ve built a base camp rather than a suitcase — because we didn’t need our tent as small as light as a feather. Claustrophobia isn’t our business, even though it’s not necessarily luxurious or cozy, let’s face it, that you must even crawl into your bedroom. 

We finally purchased the Montana Dome shelter for eight people from Coleman. Our little family had plenty of space and all our gadgets. We like even the expansive windows of the tent with screens and zips and how simple it was to put them together. It was a winner, and the price could not be beaten for us — often glampers. 

Choose Your Sleeping Gear Carefully

And in a comfortable, spacious tent, you’re always going to sleep on the hard earth unless you prepare accordingly, and we’re talking beyond the usual sleeping bag or pad. A decent air mattress is a must in our minds. While they are very cumbersome and heavy – even folded up – the quality of sleep you get in your camping experience is greatly influenced. You’re going to want something rugged that can hold up to rough terrain without running the risk of puncture or leakage. 

Any versions specially made for camping come with built-in pumps. Remember Queen-sized and extra-plastic; it served just as well to enhance our experience. We believe this to be the secret to glamping! Also, putting your sleeping bags behind and merely setting up your bed with fluffy pillows and more delicate linens gives a luxurious touch to your tent. Sure, it’s an extra set-up move, but it’s not going to take a lot of time, and it’s going to help you feel that much more relaxed. 

Carry Throw Rugs


Consider taking a few thin, cheap throw rugs with you when it’s time to load up for your glamping ride. They’re functional—you’re going to take off your boots or shoes before approaching your tent to avoid tears or tears on the floor—but they’re also going to help make it, inside and out, look a little bit more, well… homey. Consider putting one inside by the side of your bed (or bed) for a bit of style and warmth. 

It’s nice not to feel plastic on your bare feet first thing in the morning, mainly if it’s a little chilly.

Light It Up


This is one of our favourite tips. Sure, the stars would be bedazzling, and if you’re lucky, the moon is full, but there’s just something about the extra glow of the lanterns!  You can also carry fairy lights to jazz up your tent. It’s cute, realistic, and shines enough light to help you read a book in your snug tent long after the campfire burns out. It’s chic enough, too, to make it just part of your home decor! 

Don’t be afraid of accessorizing 

After a long day on the water, hiking on the trails, or exploring the beach, something is reassuring about going back to a camp that’s welcoming, relaxed, and looks like a paradise instead of a reality-showing survival competition! When you start putting together your glamping bits, don’t be afraid to coordinate. 

Matching colors to complementary designs when choosing linens, rugs, pillows, and other pieces can help create a relaxing place for you to hang your hat every night after all that outdoor fun. 

Bring Your Food/Snacks With You

Bring Your Food/Snacks With You

We all like cinnamon rolls and hot dogs, but if you want a little more than a kid’s meal to go along with your glamping, don’t hesitate to cook your meal. Your favorite food favorites will fit right into your weekend. Marinated chicken and steak are stored well in the refrigerator and can be grilled to perfection over a campfire or pit (just make sure you have plenty of ice on hand or access to it to ensure food safety). 

Your favorite salads can be cooked quickly and packaged in Mason glass jars, and dressed and tossed until they are ready to eat. Many favorite foodie items—including crudites, cheese, and charcuterie—can also be easily cooked ahead of time and tucked into the corner of your refrigerator. Some, including almonds, crackers, cornichons, and olives, also do not need any additional storage. Bottom line: It’s not that hard to get a taste of food. 

Often, there isn’t a hard and quick drink law for glamping. If you enjoy beer, bring your favorites with you. But remember—some terrific wine even comes in containers or even eco-pouches. During a recent tour, we took underwood pinot noir and bubbly rose. We didn’t care about having a bottle of wine balanced well with our meal, and they were fast on the budget to boot! 

Keep Your Playlist Ready

Keep Your Playlist Ready

Nothing sets a tone like a well-cured playlist. Pre-load one on your tablet, bring along a portable Bluetooth speaker, and get ready to chill and unwind with your favorite songs. The beauty of this is that it depends on short-range radio waves, not an internet connection. So even though you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can still enjoy an excellent soundtrack under the stars! 

Invite The Outside In (A Point!)

Invite The Outside In (A Point!)

Are you staying next to the pool, the shore, or-luckily you-the ocean? Bring backshells, beautiful rocks, or sea glass to decorate your dining or playroom. Hiking in the woods? Grab a bunch of flowers (if allowed, of course!) and dump them in an empty can or container for an extra stylish spot on the tables or inside your tent. 

It’s not that hard to elevate a ho-hum camping trip to a luxury glamp—it just takes a little more prep and panache. Investing in only a few bits, and using what you’ve got at home, makes all the difference in your overall experience. Try it; we hope you’re going to agree! 

One final thing: there’s nothing glamorous about getting targeted by critters during your adventure. Make sure you zip your tent screen as soon as you approach or leave to keep mosquitoes from spoiling your mood. 

And, be sure to keep your refrigerator secured in your car overnight and make sure that your food and other staples are not robbed or ruined by overnight robbers and raccoons—and consider adding cloth softening covers. They will repel the predators and keep your tent smelling new! 

Final Words on Glamping

I am sure these tips can be handy if you want to have any extra exciting experience on your much awaited dream come true camping trip. And not just exciting, you can make it luxurious with all your needs and more then that.  

Tell us in the comments below how are you liking this or if you wanna add something to it. We definitely love to hear your story as well if you have tried something new on your vacation. 

This is all for today. We will get back to you with more solid travel related news to save your time and effort and make your travel experience even better. 

Till then, Be Safe, Stay Healthy, Don’t Stop, Keep Traveling. 

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