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Have you ever wanted to buy an outdoor product and been stumped about which product is best? Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? I have, and that is why we started Luxury Wander. 

Luxury Wander is the premier online resource for those who love the outdoors.  Our focus is on high-quality writing and the site is ad-free and designed to be clean and inspirational for the most enjoyable reader experience. 

Authenticity is something that we take most seriously. Our Founder has bootstrapped the site from the start, and therefore we cover exactly what we want without outside influences.  

How We Make Money 

Luxury Wander is a free service that is entirely reader-supported. We select and review products objectively and independently. We only make money when you click on our affiliate links and buy products we’ve reviewed. 

If you click on a retailer’s link on our site and make any purchase, the retailer will contribute a portion of the sale to help support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and it’s a simple way to help us fund our gear reviews. Thanks for your support of our work! 

Independent Product Selection 

Our review process starts with selection: we look at hundreds of products to determine the top contenders in each category. We then purchase ourselves the top contenders for detailed hands-on comparison testing. 

No Ads, No Freebies, No Promotion 

We refuse to accept any manufacturer’s free evaluation units, and we do not accept any paid endorsements. Our focus is strictly on creating content for the benefit of our readers, and we align our business model to focus on our reader’s interests. 

We hope you enjoy Luxury Wander and appreciate your readership. And we encourage feedback and often incorporate it into the site. Feel free to contact us, use the comments section below each article, and connect via social media on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Our Ethos 

We love outdoor gear, but the outdoors is not about gear. People have climbed high mountains, skied challenging terrain, and backpacked deep into the wilderness long before hydrophobic down or the ultralight movement existed. And we all have old gear lying around that we absolutely love despite it not being made from the newest or lightest materials. These old relics are a point of pride, and we’ll always encourage readers to first look at what they have before acquiring something new.  

That said, the right outdoor gear certainly can make your trip a whole lot more fun. In 2023, there are a ton of impressive technologies and innovative materials that can help lighten up your pack, keep you warm and dry, and make your adventures noticeably more comfortable overall. And if you’re going to be shopping for a new jacket or tent, why not find the best model to fit your intended uses and budget? On this site, we share our experiences and opinions good and bad, and you can pick whatever suites your fancy—if anything at all. 

I Share Exciting Travel Stories with our travel lovers’ community and spread the knowledge of exotic places on the Earth that one must visit in a lifetime.

I also guide you about smart travel gadgets that make your travel easier when you should only be enjoying your trip and not worrying about dozen other things.

Our informative blogs explain how travelling becomes fun by carrying some different safety or leisure devices.

I have write-ups on travel tips for women, must-have accessories, travel diaries to some exotic and great Indian architectural places, hotel reviews, to-do checklists, and a lot more to excite you.

My valuable tips, along with engaging travel stories, supported by some beautiful travel photography will help you avoid common mistakes made during travel.

What you can expect to see on my blogs!

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